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Call Manager 12.0 UC Profile Bug

Recently ran into an issue with our new Call Manager cluster. We’re running a fresh install of 12.0 and we migrated all of our users from an old 10.5 cluster to the new one. Within a week we noticed that our new installation was operating at 90% CPU throughout the day. After some troubleshooting we found out that our Jabber users were sending UDS request to the publisher at an alarming rate. After doing a bit more digging, we realized that we had to go with UDS for contact resolution because of another bug in 12.0 that would not let us enter our AD credentials into our UC Service Profile.

We ended up solving this via SQL. Note: that updating the profile via the GUI after applying the SQL statement will remove the Username and Password

run sql update ucserviceprofiledetailxml set xml = '<UseUDS>false</UseUDS><UseUserCredential>false</UseUserCredential><DN>INSERT USERNAME</DN><Password>INSERT PASSWORD</Password><SearchContext1>INSERT SEARCH CONTEXT</SearchContext1><SearchContext2></SearchContext2><SearchContext3></SearchContext3><RecursiveSearch1>true</RecursiveSearch1><SearchTimeout>5</SearchTimeout><BaseFilter></BaseFilter><PredictiveSearchFilter></PredictiveSearchFilter><AllowJabberUserstoSearchandAddSecurityGroups>false</AllowJabberUserstoSearchandAddSecurityGroups>' where pkid = 'INSERT PKID OF PROFILE'

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